Friday, November 14, 2014

6 Month Anniversary with Aiden

People might think I'm going over board for a 6 month anniversary gift, but to me, this means a lot. November 13th, 2014 marks the 6 month anniversary of me, Amy Jean Digby and my boyfriend, Edward Aiden Code. 

Aiden loves bikes and biking, so do I but not as much as him. He is part of the school cycling team and he volunteers regularly with Bicycles for Humanity (I've volunteered their with him a few times). And this summer, he built me a new bike. So, for his card and gift I knew that there was a bike on the CTMH "Artfully Sent" circut cartridge that i wanted to use. Then, I found out that there was a "two person bike" patterned paper in the paper pack I had just gotten, so I obviously I had to use that. 

In the same paper pack, there was a paper with "I just love you" repeated in rectangles. When I saw that I was so excited - it's kinda cheesy but Aiden and I get into "I love you more" fights, then one time one of us said "I just love you" and now if it get to the point where our "I love you more" fight is going nowhere, one of us says "I just love you". You can't really tell in the picture but the paper going around the tin with the "two person bike" patterned paper is the "i just love you" patterned paper.

The inside of the lid for the tin has the title and reason I made the tin. I cut out hearts and wrote things I love about Aiden on them, and put them all in the tin.

Finally, there is the basket that has individually wrapped mini banana loafs in it (normal and chocolate chip). In my house, I do the baking and whenever we get bananas there always seems to be 3 that kick around and no one eats them (hinting at me to make banana loaf - the recipe calls for 3 bananas). Well, one of the times Aiden was over, mommy had come downstairs to get a tea bag and made some kind of comment that she would like some banana loaf (again, hinting at me to make banana loaf). Then Aiden said: "I would love some banana loaf". (He of coarse did not know what my mom was trying to get at with her comment about banana loaf.) So, I did a face-palm, shook my head and laughed, while my mom looked at me, chuckled and said "see, even Aiden would like some banana loaf". Then, of coarse, mommy and I explained to Aiden that my mom was hinting at me that we had bananas ready to make banana loaf. And with mom reminding me of that moment, I made him banana loaf for part of my anniversary gift to him.