Saturday, April 23, 2016

Christmas Card

NWOSSSA (the leadership group am a part of) took part in an event where we made up boxes full of stuff (clothes, craft stuff, toys, etc) for children in developing countries. It was a Christmas gift to them, and we could add a note you something for them as well. So, me being me, I made them a Christmas card and wrote a little letter. In the letter I explained why I made this card the way I did. I told them how my favourite animal is an elephant, and that the image on the front is me wishing them a merry Christmas.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Aiden's 1 1/2 Year Anniversary card

For this card I used Aiden and I's favourite colours: purple, and sea foam green (basically teal, but what ever floats his boat :P). And Aiden loves ducks, he'd have a pet duck if he could, so I did two cute little ducks lovingly looking at each other.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Saunders's Birthday Card

In November, it was my Music Teacher's 50th Birthday. The grade 12 band class decorated the music room with streamers and we had tiny slivers of cake to celebrate, the best teacher we have all had.

If you don't know how to read music (like me before Saunders's class), the notes on the front of the card play the tune of "Happy Birthday to you". And encase you were wondering, I drew the staff and music notes on the front, but I cute out the treble clef. 

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Just Because

I have this one friend that I'm not all that close to, however, she is always there for me when I need it. I made this for her to show her how much our friendship means to me. Her nickname is Bambi, and I wrote a message for her on the back.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Kim's Birthday Card

I'm still alive, just not an avid blogger! I haven't really done all that much but I do have some catching up to do on my blog postings. Here is Aiden's mom's birthday card (from August).

Kim is like my mom - picture crazy. So for her a made this colourful, camera card.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Mommy & Me

8 6x6 Mommy & Me pages and that's not everything! 

For this I used Bo Bunny's Mama-razie paper line (6x6 & 12x12), the stickers that go the trhat line and 3 Bo Bunny Double Dot papers. 

My mom is normally hiding behind the camera, so I wanted to scrapbook some of the times that she has been in front of the camera (and with me). 

These pictures are from:
~ swimming at the Edge
~ playing in the snow in the backyard
~ simply the 2 of us
~ pajama days
~ getting perms ("I want to be like mom")
~ scrapbooking crop
~ Disneyland
~ Santiago zoo
~ pizza picnic at a park in Duluth
~ Ouimet Canyon
~ the Hollywood sign
~ Sea World

Monday, July 20, 2015

Over a Year of Good Times

9 4x4 pages that show over a year of good times. 
What each page is/means:
1) June 17, 2014 - Aiden and I biked to the Marina
2) Our nicknames for each other
3) September 27, 2014 - Our first time going biking together
4) "Thank you" is a part of our goodbye everyday
5) July 3, 2015 - Spontaneous date at the Marina
6) Instead of having a never ending "I love you more" battle that no one wins, we say "I just love you"
7) February 19, 2015 - Semi formal
 8) "Our song" (we don't really have A song - but this one has a lot of meaning to us) 
9) June 9, 2015 - Hammarskjold's convocation where we were in our Band Shirt ready and waiting for the time that we (the Jazz Band) would play