Thursday, June 26, 2014

Nathan's Grad Card

This card is my first ever graduation card, and I think it came out pretty well. I know quite a few graduates but i've only really gotten to know 1 of them, and that's Nathan. We were both on the wrestling team, we always bug each other and we have gotten to be really great friends. He actually asked me to go to his Grad Dinner & Dance with him (which is tonight) and I just had to make him a card.

Our school colours are Red and Gold, so of course I had to us those colours. The grad cap and the diploma were cut out on the cricut machine. As for the "congrats" and the quote on the inside, that is not a stamp! It is my calligraphy (and I'm really happy it actually turned out well).

The quote I thought was prefect sience he and I both love wrestling and I also thought it was great for graduation because people think of graduation as "when you start living your own life".

Finally, knowing some of the people that follow my blog, you are probably wondering why it says "(Kitten)". Well...he gave me that nickname in wrestling: one of the times we were wrestling I accidentally scratched him. And after that he called me kitten, it used to make me mad, but now I've gotten used to it. After going through his Facebook, I found a picture of Nathan with a cowboy hat, so I call him Cowboy.

He is coming here to take pictures (mommy's request) and I have Cat ears and he has a Cowboy hat. There will be some cute pictures, and some weird looks when we go to the dinner & dance. :)


  1. This card turned out great! I love how you added your personal touch by writing the sentiments in calligraphy.

  2. Great grad card! Great job on the calligraphy!