Friday, February 25, 2011

Valentine's Day Treats for My Friends

For each of my Valentine's Day cards I used scrap paper, a Close to My Heart alphabet stamp set, a Happy Valentine's Day stamp, a corner punch, and one of the Heart cut outs from the Hannah Montana Cricut cartridge. 

For my friends I personalized them. The first one was for my friend Shyla who is a figure skater so I put a skate from the Joy of the Season Cricut cartridge on it. 

The next one was for my friend Ashley who LOVES cows so I just had to put a cow from the Animal Kingdom Cricut cartridge on it. 

The last personalized one was for my boyfriend Donald so I put the C.C. Design's Key from their Key and Lock stamp set coloured with two Copic Markers that matched the paper, and a Close to my Heart saying "I followed my heart...and it led me to you."


  1. Great idea, I'll bet all your pals loved them.

  2. Donald X-Boyfriend now......
    Why did you dump him? Lol just kidding..........

  3. Yo, "Anonymous" why are you being so rude? Amy is one of my best friends!!!!

    P.S. Why didn't you get me a bag of candy??? I like candy too. :( :(

  4. I like blogs too. You don't know who I am. I could be you best friend, one of your class mates or somebody else

  5. I know Dolald-O too. He is my buddy too. He is *cool*. Lol

  6. Arnold Shuffle Bottom